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At Bayoaks Pediatric Dentistry in Clear Lake City, Houston, we understand that dental visits can cause anxiety for some children.  Sedation dentistry offers a safe and effective way to help your child feel calm and relaxed during their dental procedure.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help your child relax and feel less anxious during a dental appointment. It’s not the same as general anesthesia, where your child is completely unconscious. With sedation dentistry, your child will remain conscious but feel more comfortable and cooperative.

Sedation Dentistry

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry For Your Child?

Sedation dentistry can be beneficial for children who:

  • Experience dental anxiety or fear
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Have difficulty sitting still for extended periods
  • Require complex dental procedures
  • Helps special needs children to relax and overcome fear and anxiety

Types Of Sedation Dentistry We Offer:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas): A mild sedative inhaled through a mask that helps your child feel relaxed and giggly.

Oral Conscious Sedation: A liquid medication taken orally that induces a state of drowsiness and reduces anxiety.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation: Medication delivered through an IV line for deeper sedation, often used for complex procedures.

Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry:

Reduced Anxiety: Helps your child feel calmer and more relaxed during their dental appointment.

Increased Comfort: This makes the dental experience more positive for your child.

Improved Cooperation: Allows the dentist to complete the procedure efficiently.

Pain Management: This can help minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry - BayOaks Pediatric Dentistry:

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